Ampethron, a new brand of music hardware/synthesizers, is a joint venture of independent companies and developers, engineers, coders, + DJs and producers with more than 12 years of experiences in DSP coding. After more than 4 years of development, they are going to introduce a new hardware synthesizer with a unique concept this year. First Ampethron synthesizer is designed for live-act and studio use with the unique style of control, playing sounds and modulation. The company itself leaves the project under the guise of secrecy.

Ampethron Fx unit 2

All they have said at the moment is:

”Electronic dance music is more and more popular with sold-out halls and stadiums worldwide, but unfortunately only very few electronic producers have live shows with comparable energy and performance of big live bands – for example guitar bands, rappers or singers. Electronic music has massive energy, but performance and communication with a crowd is limited because it is very difficult to play it live – hardware devices are heavy and only few musicians know how to play piano keys in perfect rhythm. Comparing energy and communication with a crowd of the best live guitar bands, electronic dance music performances can be sometimes boring, many people laugh that these shows are about “come to see my laptop or pressing 3 to 4 buttons of a DJ player. We wanted to change that and prepared a synthesizer that is small, portable, creative and very easy to use and play live as part of live-act or DJ set. While some of us are DJs and producers, we understand that it is very difficult to play live on a synth keyboard to music in perfect rhythm, so we developed brand new system of playing sounds, notes and control”

Ampethron Fx unit

Ampethron developers also said:

“time is changing, everything is going to digital, people do not want to have 40 hardware synthesizers in a studio, spend alot of money and space. So next revolutionary thing about Ampethron portable synthesizer is that you buy just one hardware device and you can insert next and next synthesizers and algorithms on a USB key – we are going to release next additional synthesizers and algorithms every year”

If you want to know more about first Ampethron synthesizer please join this virtual Facebook event: and become a FB fan.

“Development is almost complete. Soon we will start a crowdfunding campaign – mainly because we need to know how many pieces should be manufactured in the first series. If you want to purchase a first limited series with an introductory price of 30% discount please join our FB event or register to our system – we will send you a link and special discount code when the campaign starts”



Luke de Loop

"Luke Collins is a music producer and Controllerist from the U.K. who loves mixing up genres. Fusing together the harder side of house and techno with Dubstep, DnB, Breaks and more modern sounds like complextro and Bass music. Both an avid music producer & songwriter, and live electronic act, Luke really shows his desire for music and interest in making his live performances as organic as possible..."

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