ShaperBox 2.2 Update by Cableguys

Cableguys have released version 2.2 of ShaperBox, the essential effect for modern mixes and infinite inspiration, used by David Guetta, Madeon, C.P Dubb (Tyga, Tory Lanez, French Montana), John Nathaniel (OneRepublic, Kygo, Switchfoot) and many more.

Key new features include stereo filter offset for exciting spatial FX, easy 1-slider Envelope/Compressor, LFO editing enhancements, and 2x lower CPU usage in TimeShaper.

What’s New in ShaperBox 2.2

  • New: Stereo Offset control for FilterShaper Core 2. Shifts left/right filter cutoff in opposing directions, up to 60 semitones, for exciting stereo effects.
  • New: Easy 1-slider Envelope/Compressor Editing. The Amount/Ratio and On/Off controls are now always accessible.
  • New: Skew selection. Ctrl-drag a corner/side handle of the selection to adjust it vertically. Great for adjusting the intensity of your LFO over time.
  • New: Draggable LFO parameters for Volume/Pan/Width Shapers. Shift the LFO waveform up/down in a click, and see the average LFO value at a glance.
  • New: ‘Move points to grid’ command in Wave Editor menu, for snapping every point inside the selection onto the grid.
  • New: Right-click any preset for ‘Use as startup preset’ option. Disable in the Main Menu’s Startup section.
  • New: Wave Switch Smoothing, for preventing clicks/pops when switching Waves via MIDI, automation, or clicking in the interface.
  • New: MIDI Trigger LED to visualise MIDI note input, aiding setup.
  • New: Reset Shaper via Main Menu, initialising to default empty preset or a Quick Preset.
  • Improved: Snap to grid is now a toggle option and works for selections too. Hold Shift to temporarily toggle Snap.
  • Improved: TimeShaper resampling algorithm is 2x lower in CPU, with even quieter interpolation artefacts.
  • Fixed: TimeShaper Step Mode could change the sound of non-stepped audio-rate waveforms.

Existing users can log into their account for the update.

Cableguys have also announced their discounts for Black Friday – their
only sale of the year. ShaperBox 2 Bundle is £69.95 / €79 / $89, for a huge
saving of 60% compared to buying all 6 Shapers at full price.

And FilterShaper Core 2 is 50% off, at just €19 / $22.

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