iZotope Master Rebalance (Ozone 9 advanced), uses Source Separation technology to let you change the volume of vocals, drums, or bass in any audio file—even a stereo bounce. It gives you the final say in a mix, letting you correct and change the levels of instruments without needing the original tracks.

In this video, iZotope Master Rebalance is used to freshen up some old songs. This is a really fast way of taking your old projects and pre-masters and tweaking anything that’s out of place.
Maybe the drums sounded fine last year, but now with a more experienced ear, you can tell they were too loud or lost in the mix. If that banger you made in 2015 doesn’t seem to have that bass bang anymore then iZotope Master Rebalance can quickly fix it.

I’m amazed how a seemingly simple plugin can achieve such precision, but then iZotope are well known for their powerful mixing algorithms. Master Rebalance is part of iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced, a plugin suite full of many modules that offer some of the bast mix and mastering technology available. Highly recommended by Producer Life.

iZotope Master Rebalance is part of Ozone 9 Advanced:

Give your vocals a small boost to add presence without affecting the mid-range, or slightly lower the bass guitar instead of using a compressor. Correct weak-sounding drums with one small boost that can save you from hours of EQ surgery.  A well-balanced mix makes any mastering engineer’s job easier—with Master Rebalance, you can nudge your sound in the right direction.

iZotope Master Rebalance

Master Rebalance features:

  • Master Rebalance works in real-time, so no need to render or bounce your tracks.
  • Twin spectrum meters let you see your rebalanced source against the rest of your track.
  • Use DAW automation with Master Rebalance to add dynamic energy during arrangement changes. 
  • Solve mix issues with a simple gain change, instead of trying to EQ them away.

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